Say It With Manga – Male RomCom Edition

Say It With Manga – Male RomCom Edition
The romantic comedy genre is one that's plagued with stereotypes, both on the male and female side. Admittedly, the genres do everything they can to conjure and keep those stereotypes in place, and it's not often you hear of a series in this genre that …
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10 ways to be an authentic IT leader
Getting all your people onboard and moving in the same direction is paramount to success in the fast-paced environment of IT. Rich Hein (CIO); 16 July, 2013 06:14; Comments 1. If you follow the news you can find a litany of examples of poor leadership.
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今日の小売業界で一段と直観にそぐわない戦略の1つとして、米小売り大手シアーズのエドワード・ランパート会長兼最高経営責任者(CEO)は、同社が苦境にある中、同社のウエブサイトの通販セクションであるマーケットプレイスで、高級品を何とか確実に提供しようと力を尽くし … したがって、最近、同サイトにざっと目を …
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